Nymphomania is described as an uncontrollable sexual desire, it’s not a scientific diagnosis. The closest condition to this that we see in practice is persistent genital arousal disorder. This condition is characterised by persistent genital arousal in the absence of a conscious feeling of sexual desire. Women can have a physiological response that persists for hours or days, a genital arousal that doesn’t resolve completely after one or more orgasms, and a persistent genital arousal triggered not only by sexual activity but by non-sexual stimuli. Read more in this article in Move magazine:


Oral sex is about sensuality and sensuality touches the heart. Unlike your everyday sex, oral sex focuses on your partner’s sensual pleasure. Good foreplay leads to increased sensory stimulation and orgasm. Move magazine recently spoke to Dr Badenhorst regarding oral sex… Here is the article:

Tips on oral sex

Here at My Sexual Health Bryanston & Well Family Practice we celebrate women. It is important to look after your health as a women. As part of Women’s month, we are running a special especially for the women. Cervical cancer is the second biggest cancer among women in South Africa. Having a papsmear is extremely important & the best screening method for cervical cancer. Any women from the age of 25 years should have one (whether you are sexually active or not). Come and get your papsmear done at My Sexual Health Bryanston & Well Family Practice in the month of August.

Women’s month special