General Medicine

General medicine

General medicine and the general practitioner still have their place in modern society. From children to adult health, dermatological problems and anything else in between – that is the speciality of the general practitioner.

These days it is very expensive, firstly, to go see a specialist, secondly, they are usually fully booked  far in advance, and thirdly and most importantly – it is not always necessary to see one. Most people don’t know this. Go see a GP first  – this is after all the primary care physician.

Family doctors are typically the first point-of-contact for patients when they feel ill or experience a basic injury. During the initial visit, the GP will make a diagnosis of the patient’s condition using simple examination. They then decide how to treat the patient, do some simple investigations, blood tests or other special investigations and then decide whether to refer the patient to a specialist for more involved care. This decision is the patient’s decision – the doctor just aids in the decision making process.

The major benefit of seeing a family doctor who knows your medical history and thinks holistically is that all options always get considered. No ‘one-way’ thinking is allowed and you and the doctor then together decide what the best management for you at that specific time in your life will be.

For patients dealing with chronic or ongoing health issues, the general practitioner helps to manage ongoing care. Some patients need regular check-ups so the doctor can monitor their conditions for signs of improvement or decline. Others need reassessment on regular medications. Family doctors typically help with prescription maintenance. When necessary, the practitioner makes requests for blood tests or other lab work to support an initial diagnosis and to reassess the patient’s condition.

 At Well Family Practice we treat all general medical and surgical problems. We do multiple procedures and insurance examinations and anything else that you can think of. Dr Badenhorst also developed a few extra skills that can give you even better care. She completed her training in Sexual Health and can therefore treat all complicated sexual problems. Sexual Health includes all women’s health (including pap smears, gynaecological checkups and contraception), inserting of intra-uterine devices (IUDs) and thorough HIV management. See the sexual health page for more information or visit She also does aesthetics, including botulism toxin (“Botox”) and PRP facials. This makes you look younger and more beautiful, without looking fake.

Whatever your age, young and old, holistic care is always available from this GP Practice.


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